Essay on Hayward Healthcare Systems

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Hayward Healthcare Systems, Inc: A Case Analysis
Case Summary Mr. Bob Jackson is the new operations manager in Hayward Healthcare Systems. He came in to solve a number of problems with the distribution center including high levels of defects and errors in orders from clients. In just a few weeks after accepting the position, Mr. Jackson discovered that the former manager hired supervisors on the basis of job seniority and friendship. Moreover, many of his employees were convicted felons who disturbed the work environment. Arguments and other issues between employees were solved with physical or verbal abuse; this in part was because background and references were not checked prior to hiring those employees and managers and supervisors
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Case Analysis Mr. Bob Jackson is the new operations manager of the distribution center for Hayward Healthcare Systems. This $80 million a year business hired Mr. Jackson for this job in hopes that he solve the problems in the distribution center. Recently, “the center had experienced a very high level of defects (140 per month) and an unacceptable rate of errors in the orders taken from client hospitals” (O’Rourke, 2013, p. 301), so Mr. Jackson seemed to be the right candidate to correct these issues. Considering that Mr. Jackson had operations experience in the company, top level management felt confident of his capabilities to improve the performance of the distribution center in a fairly short period of time. After a few weeks into his new position, Mr. Jackson discovered that five supervisors hired by his predecessor had been selected for their position on basis of job seniority or personal friendship (O’Rourke, 2013, p. 301). Without any doubt, this caused employee – supervisor relationships to be tense, unprofessional and of poor credibility; For example, it was evident that employees had an overall negative attitude towards their peers and managers. This caused the overall working environment to be hostile, between others. In addition to the situation of the supervisors, Mr. Jackson also discovered that “seven employees were convicted felons who had been imprisoned for violent assaults on their victims” (O’Rourke, 2013, pp.
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