Hazard Analysis And Risk Analysis

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Hazard Analysis & Risk Analysis At road repair work Hazard analysis It is a technique that concentrates on the task, to identify hazards before they occur. It concentrates on the relationship of the workers, task, tools, and environment. Basically when you identify uncontrolled hazards, you will take certain step to reduce it this is call hazards analysis  Process of analysing hazards  This is the first step in risk analysis Risk analysis It is an appropriate study of uncertain risks which we face in the engineering, public and much other area.  This is next process after the hazard is analysis  It is the process to identify the factor which can affect the project Description Of work:- Road repair work is going on at…show more content…
This risk is of any type such as, environmental, human, etc. Some kinds of risk which can hamper this project are taken into consideration as follows: High Speed wind: In this scenario the wind will affect the visibility condition of workers. Due to the wind, dust will blow and this situation is very hazardous. Possible situation can take place due to this scenario • Due to temporary loss of visibility worker which can lead to accident • Wrong signalling • Bob-cat driver can hurt someone Alcohol consumption: This scenario is the most dangerous as done to loss of consciousness will be dangerous to the person who consume alcohol as well as to the other who is working around him. • If the bob–cat driver consumes alcohol then he can hit someone which led to the death in most of time. • If worker consume alcohol, he may not able to work properly and can get hurt. • Can make accident with other passing by vehicles Risk Assessment Severity  (1) Death, system loss, or irreversible environmental damage;  (2) Severe injury, occupational illness, major system damage, or reversible severe environmental damage;  (3) Injury requiring medical attention, illness, system damage, or environmental damage;  (4) Possible minor injury, minor system damage, or minimal environmental damage. Frequency of Occurrence  (A) Expected to occur frequently;  (B) Will occur several times in the life of an item;  (C) Likely to
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