Hazard Identification

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Hazard identification, risk assessment & risk control in the workplace

To provide guidance to employers in relation to hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control in the workplace.
What is hazard identification, risk assessment, risk control?

Hazard identification is the process used to identify all the possible situations in the workplace where people may be exposed to injury, illness or disease.

"Find it" Risk assessment is the process used to determine the likelihood that people may be exposed to injury, illness or disease in the workplace arising from any situation identified during the hazard identification process.

"Assess it" Risk control is the process used to identify all practicable measures
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The Occupational Health and Safety (Lead) Regulations 2000 require employers to ensure that:

an assessment is made to determine whether there is any risk (likelihood of injury, illness or disease) associated with the use of lead at the workplace; and any risk is eliminated, or if that is not practicable, reduced so far as is practicable.

The Regulations require employers to consult with the health and safety representative of a designated work group if practicable when undertaking hazard identification, risk assessment or control of risk processes that may affect the health or safety of any member of the designated work group.
Hazard identification

Hazards in a workplace can arise from a number of sources including:     poor workplace design; hazardous tasks being performed in the workplace; poorly designed plant being introduced into the workplace; incorrect installation, commissioning, use, inspection, maintenance, service, repair or alteration of plant in the workplace; and people being exposed to hazardous substances, processes or environment.

The hazard identification process is designed to identify all the possible situations where people may possibly be exposed to injury, illness and disease arising from all sources including the above. Prior to the introduction of any plant, substances, processes or work practices in the workplace, it is essential for the hazard identification
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