Hazardous Material ( Hazmat ) Spill

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• Hazardous material (HAZMAT) spill • Active Shooter • Unauthorized sharing of information Each of these emergencies can harshly affect operations at the facility and thus, the Security department and the Information Technology (IT) department must be able to mange this situation when necessary. It must be determined if operations at NFY would need to be transferred to an other site and if so, determine what level of transfer needs to take place whether partial or full transfer to the main headquarters in Milwaukee, WI is necessary to fulfill the obligations of the NFY facility. The General Manager (GM) of NFY will serve as the company’s Reconstitution Manager. In the event the GM is not present, the Director of Operations will serve as both the company’s Reconstitution / Devolution Reconstitution Manager. The Security Manager at NFY will work with the IT Systems manager to ensure functionality of key areas of the facility are maintained throughout the emergency until such matters are beyond the controls of the Security department or the IT department at the facility. RESPONSIBILITY Security Manager: Leads the Harley-Davidson Motor Company reconstitution planning effort, to include the development of the reconstitution plan and implementing processes and procedures. Site Team Leader of Security or (Security Shift Supervisors): Activates the reconstitution plan. The Reconstitution Manager: Tasks the Security Manager with identifying, coordinating, and training
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