Hazards Research Assignment : Haiti Earthquake And Landslide

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Geomorphic Hazards research assignment
2010 Haiti Earthquake and landslide
By: Yashas Narayan

Teacher: Ms Bilton
Due Date: Monday 11th September 2017 Week 9, Term 3
Subject: Geography
Task description: Geomorphic Hazards

2010 Haiti earthquake and landslide
What is an earthquake?
An earthquake would be classified as a sudden ferocious shaking of the ground, typically causing great obliteration because of manoeuvre within the earth’s crust or volcanic action.
What is a landslide?
A landslide would be tabulated as a disintegrate mass of earth or rock to configurate a mountain, cliff or a summit.
The 2010 Haiti earthquake
The geomorphic hazard that I have researched is an earthquake and
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prodigious earthquakes frequently befell on these plate barriers.
The Caribbean plate had been steadily moving about a quarter of an inch per year. But the two plates don 't directly drift past one another. Struggle builds up along inaccuracy at the plate borderlines until it 's emancipated in a sudden burst of exuberance.
The image below shows orange dotted lines representing fault lines which led to the earthquake.

This image below shows which direction the North American plates and the Caribbean plates are moving

Impacts of the disaster
Social impacts of the earthquake (consequences of the earthquake)
• 3 million people affected.
• Over 220,000 deaths.
• 300,000 injured.
• 1.3 million were made homeless after the earthquake.

Economical impacts of the earthquake (effects on money and jobs)
• More than 30,000 commercial buildings collapsed.
• Many businesses destroyed.
• Damage made to the main clothing industry.
• Several airports damaged.
• 1 in 5 people lost their jobs.
Environmental affects
• At least 25 aftershocks had occurred by January 24th measuring 4.5 on the righter scale.
The immense Toll
• Around close to 220,000-316,000 people died during the earthquake
• About 300,000 people were injured
• 1.5 million people initially displaced
• 55,107 displaced people remain as of September 2016

Strategies used to manage the geomorphic hazard
There were many strategies used to manage the hazard including SMS broadcasts, Mission 4636,

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