Hazards of Robots in Manufacturing

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Robot Hazards
Introduction: the aim of this assignment is to gain general awareness and an understanding of the legal requirements and responsibilities that are involved in the safe working practices associated with robotic assisted manufacture. This is to be achieved by the identification of associated hazards with robotic applications and provide an understanding of how these hazards are overcome.

Typical sources of hazards associated with robotic operations within the working environment include.

· Crushing
· Shearing
· Striking
· Entrapment / entanglement
· Process hazards such as toxic fumes, welding flash, lasers, dust, coolant, high-pressure water jet, unguarded abrasive wheel etc.
· Fire – if the robot is function's by
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Laser scanning devices
These are single devices which function by the use of a scanning laser beam to view and map an area.
This works by use of a two-dimensional sensing zone, this zone is programmable thus enabling it to recognise any stationary equipment within the scanning zone.

Guards / Physical Barriers
The standard barrier used to prevent access to a robot consists of a perimeter fence that is made from 2 m-high rigid panels securely fastened to the floor or to some convenient structure and positioned so that it is not possible to reach any dangerous parts of machinery.
The possibility of component ejection should also be considered when designing this type of barrier. Fixed transparent barriers may be adequate. For most purposes, a hollow section steel framework in-filled with mesh is satisfactory.
Where regular access is required, the fencing may be provided with sliding or hinged interlocked access gates; and/or an opening protected by a trip device.

Brakes or hydraulic/pneumatic stop valves
Should be incorporated to prevent the robot from moving or cause the gripper to release the load when power is removed. Such as that in the event of an emergency stop.

Brakes should be provided where there is the danger of
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