Hazing And Its Effect On Society

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Makayla James
AP English Language
10 November 2016

Hazing Imagine you’re a senior in high school, you have your applications in for college and you’re waiting for that one school that you’ve been wanting to go to for your entire life to send you your acceptance letter. Maybe your parents went to this specific college, maybe it has everything you’ve been waiting for, and maybe it’s the home of the fraternity or sorority that you would kill to get into. Now imagine that to get into that fraternity or sorority, you might have to do just that. Or maybe even worse. Hazing is an activity that can be innocent, and can cause mild embarrassment, but there are some cases where hazing can be much more sinister. Here are some scenarios where “hazing” took a turn for the worst. Haz·ing The imposition of strenuous, often humiliating, tasks as part of a program of rigorous physical training and initiation. By this definition, you might think of forcing an underclassmen to memorize a silly rhyme to recite in front of a group of people as fast as they can. Or maybe playing a trivia game while hanging upside down on a swing set at 3 AM. These are a few of the less-morbid initiation rituals that some fraternities and sororities have forced their pledges to participate in to secure acceptance into the house. At Dartmouth College, the previously listed initiations seem like blessings. Dartmouth fraternities and sororities have been dangerous for decades, but no one really

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