Hazing And The Hazing Act Of 2003

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Hazing has been around for a while and it seems as if it won’t go away anytime soon. Hazing is defined as “any assumption of authority by a student whereby another student suffers or is exposed to any cruelty, intimidation, humiliation, embarrassment, hardship or oppression or is required to perform exercises to excess, to become sleep deprived, to commit dangerous activities, to curry favor from those in power, to submit to physical assaults, to consume offensive foods or alcohol, the threat of bodily harm or death, or the deprivation or abridgement of any right”(Schneider,2009,p194). Hazing is usually a ritual that sororities & fraternities and sports teams have in place to initiate newcomers. The “Hazing Prohibition Act of 2003” was put in place to prevent harsh hazing antics that was created as a way to see who would be the weakest link and be cut from the team. While some healthy competitions are welcomed, going beyond the line where someone feels uncomfortable is a step too far.

The excerpt from the book discussed freshmen women basketball players who were subjected to harsh initiation rituals by the upperclassmen. Integrity is the uprightness of character”(Schneider,2009,p12). The rituals discussed betrayed the integrity of the sport because good character was not displayed by the returning players. They decided to use the seniority as an unfair advantage against the freshmen players. Having morals is a character trait to do what is right. When the returning…

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