Hazing Essay

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Hazing and Its Consequences
Iliana Ng
DeVry University
June 25, 2014

Hazing and Its Consequences
Over the years, there have been many stories published and movies made about the harmful and sometimes deadly consequences of the hazing rituals being performed by university and high school students, military personnel, professional athletes and most recently by middle school students. These rituals have affected the life of the people involve in hazing, whether is on the receiving end or on the delivering end. Educators along with the communities have confronted practical jokes, physical abuse, excessive consumption of alcohol and other humiliating and harmful events.
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With this growth, fraternities and sororities began to compete for students’ loyalty and hazing became a common initiation practice. Those members that served in the military prior to entering a university introduced more physical challenges to the initiation rites that lead to more physical and mental injuries.
Hazing now a day starts as young as the middle school level, where the age group varies from eleven to fourteen years of age. Although most reports at this level are of alleged hazing and mostly associated with sports, the students at the receiving end are scarred for life. In Kentucky, 6th grade students that were part of the basketball team were pushed against lockers by 7th graders as a rite of passage. In New York, four teenagers were facing charges in 2013 of forcible touching and unlawful imprisonment. As a parent, I ask myself what kind of morals are we teaching our children and are we setting a good example for them to follow. Children at this young age should focus on learning that will prepare them for adulthood and not making their peers feel inferior.
At the high school level, many stories have made the news and most involve athletes, coaches and teachers. In Fontana, California, a summer school teacher allegedly instructed some of his students to carry out a hazing ritual on another student as a result of behavioral issues. In Illinois, a freshman

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