Essay on Hazing in the Marine Corps

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The United States Marine Corps is unfortunately involved in an underlying issue within its own ranks called hazing. Hazing is an overlooked problem being dealt with today in the military as it is enforced and prevented. As hazing is becoming more commonly identified, Marines are being held accountable. As you read this paper you will find out about this issue. You will be engaged in the Marine Corps order that covers this very topic. General James F. Amos scrutinizes the act of hazing in saying, “Hazing is contrary to our core values of honor, courage, and commitment and is prejudicial to good order and discipline.” He continues to explain that hazing greatly reduces morale, esprit de corps, pride, professionalism, and unit cohesiveness.…show more content…
There are definitely a lot of descriptions that accurately describe the act of hazing according to the definition. It is important to know the specifics and intricacies of hazing in order to fully understand it. Of course hazing is not exclusive to the United States Military, it has a wide effect on civilian life like college students, band members, high school upper-class men, and professional athletic teams are also involved in some form of hazing. Hazing is not something to be ignored, countless of overqualified honorable service member’s careers have been destroyed for times when hazing has turned into a bad situation even lives’ have crumbled due to being involved in such a heinous offense. The definition of cruel hazing is able or disposed to inflicting pain or suffering, examples include mass punishment for the “wrong-doing” of one individual to be included in a team, group, or members of any certain party. Another example of cruel hazing is making harmful or abusive threats to an individual. Over a period of time, telling threats can emotionally damage the person. Hazing through physical means is not uncommon. It is called violent hazing and it is the most common form of hazing. Most people
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