Hb 1169 Was Introduced On January, 3Rd By Representatives

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HB 1169 was introduced on January, 3rd by representatives Rick C. Becker, B. Koppelman, Magrum, Olson, Paur, Porter, Simons; Senators O. Larsen, Luick, Myrdal, Vedaa. Under its provisions, people carrying concealed without a concealed weapons license will need to carry a form of state-issued photo ID, must be a North Dakota resident for at least 1 year, must inform police about their handgun upon contact, and must not otherwise be prohibited from possessing a firearm by law. Open carry of a loaded handgun will still require a permit. Non-residents will continue to be required to have a permit recognized by North Dakota to carry openly or concealed. The law will go into effect August 1, 2017 Gov. Doug Burgum signed the bill into law…show more content…
Per a study by the American Journal of Public Health, open carry laws were associated with 23% more suicides and 36% more firearm suicides per capita. In an article written by Chris Eger, he quotes a well-known Fargo citizen who has concerns about the bill. Senator Carolyn Nelson of downtown Fargo said, “I live in downtown Fargo. There are some folks down there that, quite frankly, if they are carrying, I’d be more scared than I am now. I just don’t think this particular bill is necessary.” Another critic of the bill is Cathy Lee who went on record saying, “the clear majority of us North Dakota gun owners, recognize that our permit requirement makes sense, and I hope the governor will veto this dangerous bill so that requirement stays in place.” Overall, the open carrying laws of firearms intimidates the public, wastes law enforcement resources, and creates opportunities for violence to present itself. Argument In Favor The core argument in favor of Constitutional Carry is that the ability to own a firearm and use it in self-defense is protected by the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution. Many gun owners feel strongly that no license should be required by the government to exercise one’s right to keep and bear arms which includes the right

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