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Safety Reasons Behind the House Bill Two How would people feel if a man came into the women’s bathroom and took their little girl or boy from them? The North Carolina House Bill Two is “an act to provide for single-sex multiple occupancy bathroom and changing facilities in schools and public agencies and to create statewide consistency in regulation of employment and public accommodations (NC Sponsors). The House Bill Two, or HB2 is just a small portion of an underlying issue throughout the country. When it comes to the HB2, people need to put their views aside and think about the bigger issue; safety of women and children. The HB2 law, should be followed just like any other law whether they agree with it or not. HB2 is a new law that…show more content…
When it comes to the HB2, it is not going against transgender human beings, it is simply keeping citizens in the community safe. For example, a man could say that he was transgender and called himself a female just to get into the woman’s bathroom and sexually assault a woman or a child. No matter what anyone says, most women tend to be frightened when they are with or around a strange man. For example, in the essay “Just Walk On By: Black Men and Public Space”, it talks about how Staples and a young woman were walking in the same direction on a sidewalk at night. When the young woman realized that Staples was behind her, she instantly became frightened, which is understandable. The young woman began to walk faster trying to get away from Staples not grasping that he wasn’t going to hurt her. Eventually, the woman was out of sight and away from Staples. Even though the essay “Just Walk On By: Black Men and Public Space” does not talk about bathroom safety itself, it does show how people feel harmed by others looks and who is around them because of stereotyping. For women and children, the door is always open for the possibility to become sexually assaulted. With this law passed, it gives women and children a small sense of relief. Supporters of the HB2 stand up for their rights and say that HB2 “defends religious liberty and protects girls in public restrooms

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