Hbo Go Hiking/Camping Commercial Song

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hbo go hiking/camping commercial song? Something like, "rain clouds are coming but I'm still having a good time." The singer is a little girl from the sounds of it. Just asking here because my own search failed.Answers:Kt Answered: she handled it wrong…. i understand why you'd be angry/upset but most girls if guys go all depressed and sad will go out there way to make them Happy again, on the plus side you seem to have a very caring girlfriend, but maybe she could of handled it differently. but then some guys do pick up girls playing the sad puppy dog but i genuinely think your girlfriend was just trying to help and make him feel better, id say you shouldn't leave her alone for a week, just go and talk it over with her Answered:…show more content…
So before it gets to that, you should just apologize and talk to her properly…. ask her if she loves you and tell how important she is to you…. Tell her to sort things out with that other guy and trust her…. Hope i helped…xDDonna Answered: I don't think you were harsh at all. She should not have been talking to another guy that was hitting on her, or even let him kiss her on the cheek. AND THEN hang out with him alone the next day. She is out of line. And that is completely inappropriate if you two are in a committed relationship. I hope that she can realize what she did was wrong, and does not take this sort of thing lightly in the future. If she does, do you really want to be having to deal with this for very long? You mentioned that this always seems to happen. I feel like you could find a girl who respects you and does not act this way pretty easily. If you think that there is room for error here, and want to work on your relationship, talk to her about all that you are feeling. Do not sugar coat it. Just remember you do not need to deal with this.Got a better answer? Share it
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