Hbr When Your Core Business Is Dying

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TOP-TEAM POLITICS…page 90 WHEN YOUR CORE BUSINESS IS DYING…page 66 Y GE SE PA IN DS CK R M WA A 53 www.hbr.org April 2007 58 What Your Leader Expects of You Larry Bossidy 66 Finding Your Next Core Business Chris Zook 78 Promise-Based Management: The Essence of Execution Donald N. Sull and Charles Spinosa 90 The Leadership Team: Complementary Strengths or Conflicting Agendas? Stephen A. Miles and Michael D. Watkins 100 Avoiding Integrity Land Mines Ben W. Heineman, Jr. 20 33 FORETHOUGHT HBR CASE STUDY Why Didn 't We Know? Ralph Hasson 45 FIRST PERSON Preparing for the Perfect Product Launch THOU SHALT …page 58 James P. Hackett 111 TOOL KIT The Process Audit…show more content…
100 100 Avoiding Integrity Land Mines Ben W. Heineman, Jr. How do you keep thousands of employees, operating in hundreds of countries, as honest as they are competitive? General Electric’s longtime general counsel describes the systems the company has put in place to do just that. 78 90 4 Harvard Business Review | April 2007 | hbr.org Cover Art: Joshua Gorchov continued on page 8 APRIL 2007 14 Departments 12 COMPANY INDEX 14 FROM THE EDITOR 53 2006 MCKINSEY AWARDS AND 2007 MCKINSEY JUDGES 20 What the Boss Wants from You What should CEOs and their direct reports expect from each other? When Larry Bossidy laid out his views to a group of young executives, they couldn’t take notes fast enough. You don’t have to write down what he said, though, because Larry has done it for you here. And it will be on the exam. 88 STRATEGIC HUMOR 111 TOOL KIT The Process Audit Michael Hammer Redesigning business processes can generate dramatic improvements in performance, but the effort is notoriously difficult. Many executives have floundered, uncertain about what exactly needs to be changed, by how much, and when. A new framework can take the mystery out of reengineering business processes and help you comprehend, plan, and assess your company’s process-based transformations. 20 FORETHOUGHT Firms from developing countries are making a global mark…McDonald’s isn’t afraid to bite off more than it can chew…Women at Fortune

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