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Substance abuse is a very widely known public epidemic in today's society. Many people are unfortunately plagued by this issue. According to Emedicinehealth.com (2012), “People abuse substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs for varied and complicated reasons, but it is clear that our society pays a significant cost,” (para. 1). People that are affected by substance abuse includes a very different range of people. Many that abuse the substances end up having health-related problems which in turn increases the need for health care. Other people that are affected by substance abuse are the family members and friends of the abusers because they have to deal with the person abusing the substances. Things that can be abused are…show more content…
Like many other substance abuse programs offered to people outside of the military, the United States Army does offer counseling. Individual counseling is offered, and of course outside group sessions are available to anyone. Soldiers can easily look online to the ASAP website and find local resources based on where they are stationed at. The United States Army does like for the Soldiers, veterans, family members, and/or Department of Army civilians to volunteer for these programs instead of being “put” into counseling or rehabilitation. It makes it look better for the person needing help in the long run. The United States Army has every corner covered for their substance abuse therapies, rehabilitation, counseling, promotional material, and awareness campaigns. The facilities are located at just about every duty station for each of the groups of people that could possibly need the services offered. There is no real way to build or make this system any better. The only thing that might be considered is that if someone voluntarily enters themselves into something like rehabilitation, then the commanders or chain of command can not get the soldier in trouble. While it is supposed to be this way and normally does not affect the soldier very much, in other cases, they can get demoted and other repercussions can happen for a soldier requesting help with
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