Hca 450 : Leaders And Followers

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Teresa Martens
Charter Oak State College

HCA 450 Research Paper – Leaders and Followers The achievements of an organization are extremely important to the community it serves. Organizations have leaders and followers who form teams within to accomplish goals and achieve success. The understanding of the leader and follower relationship is foundational in balancing the collaboration and cohesiveness alliance in fulfilling the mission, vision and values of the organization. Leadership is multidimensional. There is no straightforward way to describe what a leader is or explain who makes a great leader. The description will be shaped by the purpose of the work being done and the followers one achieves. Dye (2010) states that leadership is a “living phenomenon” (p. 14) and supports the need to provide personalization to the leadership style. There is much discussion on the development of a leader. Some believe that you are a natural born leader who fine-tunes those skills through “persistence and perseverance of failures and successes” (Blanken, 2013, para. 5). Others, like Blanken (2013), feel that exposures early in life begin the development of leadership traits, and “education, jobs, and life experiences then shape the leader’s philosophy and psychology” (para. 7). A dominant style might be apparent in a leader; however, the adaptability in leadership approaches allows the leader to be focused on…
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