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Everyone from different cultures will have their own perspectives when it comes to their health and diseases. The different cultures believe in many ways. Some of the cultures believe in using traditional medicines, some believe in prayer, and some believe in herbal things for the healing, and there are more things that the different cultures may do in order to find the right cure. This can also cause a problem for the different cultures to receive the proper medical help that they may need. Health care providers must keep the basic concepts of treating all of their patients with respect, compassion, and honesty no matter what the culture they may have. If the caregiver has a enhanced understanding of the persons cultural beliefs…show more content…
The Asians also believe that this comes along with someone who may be under an extreme amount of stress. Asians believe in a lot of herbal things for healing. Asians believe that a healthy body is in the state of being balanced. When the body gets an illness or a disease it is known as being out of balance. Asians believe that their body is a gift from their parents and other fore bearers. Asians believe that their bodies are not their own personal property; it must be will maintained and well taken care of. Asians believe that the balance lies between the yin and the yang. Yin and yang are translated as hot (yang) and cold (yin), this is not temperature but it is considered to be quality. Asians usually will not say that they are feeling poorly someone may notice because their food was untouched at supper. The Chinese medicine teaches them that the health is in a state of spiritual and physical harmony. The Chinese are taught self restraint. They will also use a heat up a coin and rub it on whatever maybe hurting, this is said to be a type of pain reliever. American culture will look for healing in modern techniques. Asians and Jamaicans will look in other directions to heal someone first. They will first use remedies that have been passed down for centuries, and they will continue to be passed from

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