Hci / 520 Data Management

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TaSharon Collins
HCI/520 Data Management & Design
November 3, 2014
Professor Carl Moore

What Are Systems? A system is an organized structure that has inputs and outputs that carry out a specific activity. A system is a group of components that makes up a complex functioning unit. When an element changes, the system will stop functioning right. Once the system has been defined by jurisdiction, budget, coverage requirements and user needs, the next step is to design the system using components and systems that are obtainable and have the desired features that the customer and the design engineer have agreed upon. If the design engineer is not careful, then there will be coverage, operational, maintenance and reliability issues that will plague the system forever. The equipment-engineering phase will specify each and every component in the system, (Wiesenfeld, 2010). Due to a problem or situation, there is a beginning and an end to a system that is tasked to solve that problem.
Importance of Integrating A Life Cycle Into A Plan For Development of a Database According to Bernard (2009), the purpose of IT systems life cycle planning is to optimize technology deployments for performance, efficiency and cost containment, including costs of maintaining the networks and systems and even training. The system or network tends to evolve over time as it is continuously modified, improved, enlarged; as various components and subsystems are re-built, decommissioned or adapted to other

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