Hcr 22 Understanding the Patient Intake Process

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Understanding the Patient Intake Process
Tabitha Neufind
HCR 22
September 28,210
Felecia Pettit-Wallace

Understanding the Patient Intake Process The intake process of patients is different from practice to practice, but the main purpose of the process is retrieve new and established patients information during check in at a providers office, a hospital, or clinic. By having an efficient intake process a efficient patient flow can be maintained. Healthcare just like any other type of service industry is reliant on possessing satisfied clientele. Scheduling practices help to manage the patient flow by establishing certain guidelines regarding how late a patient can arrive, and still be seen without disrupting the patient flow
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If a patient has a co-pay is the co-pay required at the time of service or can they be billed for it at a later date. For patients without medical insurance making them aware of their financial obligations helps to reduce the time that is spent explaining the financial aspects. Let the patient know that the provider is willing to make payment arrangements, or that they offer a discount for payment in full at the time of service, or maybe there is a sliding fee scale that is offered based on the patients income. Offering financial assistance is just not helpful to those without insurance, but also to those that do have insurance. Patients can sometimes have high out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles that they are required to pay for certain services. Financial counseling informs the patient of their financial responsibility and how the practice is willing to help so that they can receive the care that they need. Having a good patient flow is key to establishing a respected practice with patients who are happy, and healthy. Patient flow not only effects the amount of time a patient waits to see a doctor, but also effects the time and care that a doctor has to spend with their patients. There are a variety of techniques that a practices, clinics, and hospitals can implement to ensure a that the intake process is effective and maintains a good patient flow.

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