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Communication Opinion Paper The ability to communicate effectively is essential to any instructor. Communication skills must be developed, they do not occur automatically. This stems from experience. Any instructor or healthcare provider must understand the process that is involved in communication and become aware of common barriers to effective communication. ( Effective-Communication, 2010). The basic elements of communication take place when one person transmits ideas or feelings to another person or group of people. The process of effective communication is composed of three elements which the first, the source (sender, speaker, and transmitter or instructor), second is the symbols used in composing and transmitting the message…show more content…
As patients we may complain that we wait too long in the waiting room. As, for the doctor he may say we waited too long to seek to make the appointment. To have a more effective communication as for the patient we should write any question down to ask the doctor. This way both doctor and patient can be on the same level and have a clear understanding on any questions that the patients has, and an answer from the doctor once he receives his information. Educating clinical staff is challenging but on the other hand encouraging to consumers and patients to ask more questions about safety issues and teaching them about when and how, which brings effective communication. How might cultural differences influence communication, by values, beliefs and assumption? When providers are working with someone from another culture, these decisions may be influenced by assumptions and stereotypes about people from that culture. If assumptions are wrong, a person’s health can be seriously jeopardized. When a healthcare provider sees only stereotypes and the individuals, the results can lead to miscommunication that will have a major impact on treatment and care decisions. As, a provider we need to know our own family traditions, and biases. What I recommend may come from my own values and may not match up to their values, the person I am providing care for. So, I believe we need participate in culture programs such as, cultural awareness, cultural competency, or

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