Hcs 320 Communication and Crisis Essay

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Communication and Crisis Health Care Communication Strategies HCS 320 April 14, 2013 Communication and Crisis Today our community is presented with a problem that will require communication between several internal and external avenues to help resolve the water contamination in the Eugene-Springfield area. I am Shellie Cobbs, Director of the Regional Emergency Management Office, and I will be addressing the media on the procedures to be used in running the crisis communication efforts in response to the contaminated water. A water contamination event poses a unique opportunity to work with diverse populations to effectively convey important health messages ("Contamination," 2008, p. 1). Individuals communicating during the…show more content…
Advances in communication technology give the crisis teams the ability to reach out to communities and rural areas using reverse phone calls and the emergency broadcast system. Traditional communication methods, such as television and radio, allows the crisis teams to distribute correct information and help reduce the effects of errors that can be communicated through news spread by word of mouth. Technology has a disadvantage during a crisis. If the ability to use technology to communication information in a crisis situation is compromised because of power outages or damage to the system then other methods must continue to be utilized and awareness to the people who would normally use current technology for communication must be notified in another manner. Using technology differently At the time of the Three Mile incident, there were only three major television stations limiting the ability to communicate critical information to as many people as possible. Development of cable television and more channels for people to watch gives the ability to distribute information at an increased rate. This is a great advantage to communicating crisis information to a mass audience. Crisis information during Hurricane Katrina was immediately available through mass media; television, radio, the emergency broadcast system, and social media. During emergencies, the importance of our country’s communications systems becomes clear. These

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