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Motivational Methods Paper
Kerri McCaughey
November 2, 2010
Professor Suwannee Srisatidnarakul, RN, MSN, CCRN

Motivational Methods Paper Motivation most certainly plays a huge role in the workplace, therefore, it is imperative to understand fully the basic theories and methods, and of course how to apply these theories and methods to everyday workplace scenarios. These motivational skills and techniques will definitely play a key role for leaders and or managers, knowing how to motivate people in today’s workforce will provide job growth.
Executive summary According to The San Diego Business Journal motivating employees is the key issue for most managers; job discussions and training focus their managers on how
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Salaries play an important role especially in the first two stages of the hierarchy; we all need money to survive. Another theory is the Alderfer's ERG Theory; Alderfer has modified Maslow's hierarchy and has shortened the five needs into three, existence, needs, relatedness needs and growth needs, existence needs: refer to basic survival needs that everyone needs to satisfy. Relatedness needs: relate to interpersonal contact, social and emotional acceptance, status and caring. Growth needs: are development and sense of self worth. Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation Herzberg's theory of motivation is quite different than the other motivational theories. Herzberg stated that there were only to kinds of factors in any job, hygiene and motivation, the motivation hygiene model is based on the idea that one set determines dissatisfaction (hygiene) and the other set determines positive satisfaction (motivational theory). The hygiene set contains the company policy, administration, working conditions and job security. According to Herzberg’s findings he suggests that if these conditions were unsatisfactory they would most certainly be heading towards physiological or psychological withdrawal from the job. These conditions must be met for an individual to be motivated in work, however, other conditions and factors must be met, this proves that in order for an employee to perform his or her work in an
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