Hcs 325 Essay

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Week - 3
Importance of Teams
Murugareddy Pattiputtur
University of Phoenix
Dawn Sienkiewicz
November 10, 2012


Teams are formed when individuals with a common taste, preference, liking, and attitude come and work together for a common goal. Teams play a very important role in organizations as well as our personal lives.

Teamwork is essential for competing in today's global arena, where individual perfection is not as desirable as a high level of collective performance. In knowledge based enterprises, teams are the norm rather than the exception. A critical feature of these teams is that they have a significant degree of empowerment, or decision-making authority. There are many different kinds of teams:
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To improve the efficiency and customer service in my department, I would first identify and define the problem; secondly I would try generating and evaluating alternate and possible courses of action to understand in which areas they would need help on, thirdly based on a situation choosing a preferred and a relevant solution will be given, fourthly the solution will be implemented and finally to evaluate the results to see the outcomes.

Teams are essential to health care because it has been suggested that "each team member's abilities, skills experience, attitudes, values, role perceptions and personality – all the things that make a person unique and they also determine what they are willing and able to contribute, their level of motivation, methods of interaction with other group members and degree of acceptance of group norms and the organization's goals"

Teamwork is important in industries like aviation to ensure flights land safely, the military uses it to protect the country, finance professionals need to practice it to keep the nation’s economy running smoothly, the auto racing unit teamwork is essential to change all 4 tires by a team. Overall, in any industry that requires reliable human performance, teamwork is a necessity.

Lessons from other industries in healthcare:
Teamwork in industries like aviation, healthcare, military and other industries is extremely important and
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