Hcs/325 Week 2 Qualitative Analysis Of Data

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To collect data for check sheet you have to determine what event or issue will be examined and then you will create operational definitions. Then we will determine when the data will be collected and gathered and for how long. From here, we will create the form and the form will be laid out to where the data can be recorded easily by making check or tally marks. All the spaces should be labeled on the form. The check sheet should then be tested for a brief trial period just to make sure it gathers the correct data and is easy to access and utilize. Whenever the targeted event or issue takes place, the data should be entered in on the check sheet (Check Sheet, n.d.). To collect data for a scatter plot, the healthcare organization will need to have at least 50-100 paired samples of data that is associated with the scatter plot. The data can be placed into a spreadsheet and then you can plot the data points on the diagram. The spreadsheet can be developed in a MS Excel file then we can use the Excel program to create a scatter plot with all of our data. Fishbone Diagram- Outline a strong, well-defined problem statement, that every team member must agree on. Keep in mind, that it must be…show more content…
Next, outline and explain the time period for the period in which we will be gathering data. Soon after, all items should be calculated and state how often it took place. From this point, add the amounts to find the complete total. At the moment, list the items in declining order based on the unit we are measuring. “To convey cumulative data draw a line graph for the cumulative percentages. The first point should line up with the top of the first bar.” Lastly, examine the diagram and decide which items appears to be more responsible for the greater part of the issues or problems. At this point, the graph should start to quickly level
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