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Running Head: PATIENT PRIVACY Patient Privacy By: University of phoenix Patient privacy has been a major concern for patients and medical staff for many years. Patient privacy goes hand in hand with HIPPA and the privacy rule. This protects the privacy of any person of all health information (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). Even with this a concern for many, a study conducted by Zogby Internation studies more than 2000 adults to obtain their views on patient privacy. This studied determined that individuals would rather have individual choice and control over personal health information instead of others (Patient Privacy Rights, 2010). In the article written by Profacgillies, the issue is…show more content…
The problem with this is that if an individual or organization would remove a name and address from a patients record it will still not make it confidential or anonymous. Other factors can still point to a certain individual. An example: It would be hard to identify an individual from a diagnosis of asthma because this is a very common thing among people but if the diagnosis were refined and combines with other factors like the age, gender, and ethnicity a person can provide a profile of the individual who can then be identified. Medical records have made information more organized but it is also easier for anyone in the organization to see an individual’s personal information. Whoever can get into the medical records with a password can see this information and this is usually many individuals within the organization. A way that this can be prevented is if there is a certain password for each individuals file or a certain password that only the physicians have. There are issues with this as well because there are other physicians that do not need to see another physician’s patient information. When it concerns this issue, it will be hard to have a solution because of all the different people who will need to access patients medical records. This article has shown how different issues relating to patient privacy can be tricky. There is always the question about what the right thing is to do but there are laws and regulations

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