Hcs 341 Human Resources Management Presentation

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Human Resources Management Presentation
Human Resources in Health Care
HCS 341
August 04, 2013

Human Resources Management Presentation

Due Diligence in Corrective Action
Due diligence as defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary is “the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property” ("Definition," 2013, p. 1). Human Resources is responsible to the employees and to future hires to explain job descriptions, conditions of employment, and corrective action so that it is understood. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has handled the following employee’s corrective actions, and this student reviewed them.

Bennie Bellamy
Bennie Bellamy applied for the job position of Certified Nursing Aide
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King Lovell was given due diligence in his corrective action towards his multiple issues and being fired from Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. The issues were explained to King, and he was required to complete additional training to strengthen his nursing skills. King did not demonstrate any compliance with trying to correct the documented issue in his employee evaluation and consequently was fired.

Louise McFate Louise McFate applied for and was hired for Director of Infectious Control at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. Louise had acceptable three- and six-month employee evaluations and was urged to attend a professional conference before the annual review. Louise McFate received her first corrective action after a visit from the Joint Commission. The corrective action stated that the Joint Commission issued a Request for Improvement after finding a needle disposal violation. Louise was advised to continue to establish policies and procedures to prevent future needle disposal violations. Louise McFate disagreed with the corrective action and refused to sign the action because of reasons not known to the Chief Nursing Officer who issued the corrective action. Louise believes that she was singled out by Mr. Adair from the Joint Commission for retaliation because she turned down his

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