Hcs/405 Health Care Financial Term Paper

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Week 4 Individual Assignment | Simulation Review Paper | HCS/405 Health Care Financial Accounting | My strategy will consist of three phases. These phases include: capital shortage, funding options for equipment acquisition and funding options for capital expansion. During these three phases I will observe the necessary financial statements and documents. From this information I will analyze the information and decide the best strategy for improvements. I will not only focus on the goals for the clinic, but long term budget goals as well. Phase I: Capital Shortage There were two options that I chose to cut costs. The two options that I chose was to reduce agency staff and changing the skill mix. I chose to reduce…show more content…
Phase II: Funding Options for Equipment Acquisition Due to the technological advances in the medical industry, the clinic has decided on advanced medical equipment to provide quality care to the patients. The equipment that will be purchased is a High- Speed CT Scanner, X-Ray Machine, and an Ultrasound Machine. This equipment will allow more quick and efficient test and treatment. The options that can be made include: buying new or refurbished equipment with an option of a loan, acquiring on capital or operating lease. During this phase, I chose the most cost effective option to acquire the equipment. To acquire the equipment, I chose the operating lease. Since there are always potential advances in technology, buying the equipment may not be a good idea. In the long term, the equipment that was purchased will likely be replaced by newer technology in a few years. Due to the decisions of acquiring new equipment, the clinic is now doing well and the profits are growing which allowed growth for the clinic. Phase III: Funding Options for Capital Expansion Since Elijah Heart Clinic patient inflow has increased, there are plans for a $75 million dollar expansion and improvement project to manage the patient inflow. The plan is to open a new facility with 100 private rooms and include the latest technology. Not only will there be new
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