Hcs/405 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Reporting Practices and Ethics Kara Moore HCS/405 August 1, 2011 Barbara Archer Reporting Practices and Ethics Financial reporting practices and ethics have manifested an ocean of literature. This has mainly come from organization theorists that address accounting practices. These theorists and professionals have given fresh accountability measures. Their ideals give this industry the tools needed to survive, grow and prosper. The way an organization prepares and reports its financial information and handles its daily operations is in essence financial practices, and in the way it accomplishes this reveals their ethical standards to which they adhere to. This paper will discuss the financial practices, ethical standards, and…show more content…
Annual returns are created in an electronic format, which provide operational and financial information that is not in the annual report (Department of Health, 2009). This financial information must be on par with the audited annual report. The annual commonwealth aged care reporting gives capital to hospitals in exchange for information on age care services (Department of Health, 2009). The push for ethical practices is hitting financial managers from all angles from patient advocate groups, IRS, regulation bodies, and more. The scrutiny of financial reports has never been more important. One area under the microscope in financial reporting by hospitals seems to be its tax exempt status. The potential for tax misconduct is high and calls into question if hospital should be tax exempt (Valletta, 2005). This area is calling strongly for strict ethical guidelines. Health care organizations operate in a different market segment. Publicly traded organizations need to watch their earnings reports, while the health care sector is concerned with payments, hospital length stays, and admissions. To become more transparent and reduce the chances of unethical behavior some hospitals, including the Mayo Foundation, New York Presbyterian, and Ascension Health post audited financial statements online (Valletta, 2005). In another attempt to curb financial mishaps and abuses the financial statements for the medical industry must be signed off on by CEOs and

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