Hcs/451 Health Care Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis

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HCS/451 Health Care Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis

This paper will propose how TriCity Medical Center will monitor performance, achieve regulatory and accreditation compliance, and improve overall organizational performance. It will describe ways TCMC will communicate with leadership to ensure alignment of organizational goals and gain buy-in from staff to achieve compliance with the standards and requirements issued by regulatory and accreditation bodies. Also it will determine how compliance with the regulations and development of risk- and quality-management systems for the organization contributes to the organization’s overall performance-management system.
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A system of checks and balance must be performed to maintain efficiency and productivity that can only be achieved through regulatory and accreditation programs.
Outcome based processes geared towards improving outcomes by implementing performance improvement checks on all complaints or negative feedback acquired from patients, healthcare providers, employees, vendors (all stakeholders) and environment of care rounds. These would include QC measures, infectious control measures, ACC measures, HCAP measures to name a few. Align with nationally recognized locators for healthcare facilities to compare our organization with local and nationally recognized healthcare organizations to see where we rank. Strategic goals established by The Joint Commission and initiatives by CMS will help improve overall performance.
The Joint Commission has targeted solution tools (TST) applicable to the Joint Commission standards and National Patient Safety Goals covering; value-based purchasing/pay for performance (P4P), healthcare-acquired conditions, hospital readmissions, risk reduction, staff education. There are more tools The Joint Commission provides which are: Leading Practice Library, Standards BoosterPak, Core Measure Solution Exchange, Portals:HAI, High Reliability, and Trasitions of Care, FSA and Intracycle Monitoring Process,

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