Essay on Hcs/455 Policy Process Part Ii

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Policy Process Part II

The Policy Process: Part II In this paper we will discuss the final stages of how a topic becomes a policy. The paper will discuss formulation, implementation, and the legislation stage. These stages must be done in this order to ensure the policy is being formed the correct way and not scattered around. This paper will also consist of the evaluation stage, analysis stage, and revision stage and describe the purpose and methodologies process for evaluating and revising a public policy.
Phases and stages
The formulation stage is very important, as this is the stage that must gather all information necessary to make an effective policy. Stakeholders and a committee will come together and discuss what
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Education of HIV/AIDS is very important to help prevent from becoming infected with this deadly disease. There are many factors that are being looked at that may be associated with the affect of the transmission of HIV such as, gender relationships, social exclusion and poverty, etc. These issues happen every day and health care providers must help those infected with HIV/AIDS to start treatment right away (Mayo Group, 2010). A national health policy must formulate different guidelines what will enable the policy to help the government govern the public. This stage is really important to help bring health care policies together.
Revision stage The last stage before finalizing anything is the revision of the policy before it’s implemented. The revising stage will allow changes to be made for improvement to the public’s health. Finding ways for everyone to be treated equally and still get the proper treatment for those individuals who are suffering from HIV/AIDS is very important.
The Policy Process: Part II There are many reasons as to why each stage is implemented into the policies and procedures. Having guidelines and policies into place will allow everyone to understand that they must take the precautions with those who are infected with this disease. Health care providers must provider their services to those who are having issues such as HIV/AIDS on a personal level to allow them to feel comfortable to talk about the issue

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