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IT Project Implementation Failures HCS/483 September 19, 2012 Dr. Alex Kadrie IT Project Implementation Failures An IT implementation process can be long and tedious, or short and simple, depending on the size and needs of an organization. While implementing this process it is important to understand the roles and responsibilities of each step. Sometimes when the process is not thought out correctly, IT failures happen. IT failures are common reasons that systems do not work, or have many flaws. Implementation Process “The time and resources needed to implement a new health care information system can vary considerably based on the scope of the project, the needs and complexity of the organization, the number…show more content…
Lack of clarity of a project is one failing indicator. Although the CEO was determined to have the system up and running in the remaining months of the implementation, it was unclear to the project manager the point of the project if the system was not ready. Other indications are insufficient leadership support and candor, because with all the issues that the project manager had, she should have been able to talk to her boss about the lack of manpower and money to complete the system on time. Dr. Sparks was not open to hear bad news. I would have spoken with the manager to figure out what was wrong and to help solve the problem instead of ignoring the fact that something was wrong. Organizational inertia is a problem as some of the physicians did not want to incorporate a new system because they felt as though it would put more stress on their workload and turn them into more like secretaries than doctors. Along with these indicators is also lack of an appropriate reward system. Physicians can be awarded for many things, but at times when the small things matter the most there is no reward. For me I would have given more initiative for help with the system for all staff to be on board with the new system. Initiative undernourishment was also a problem because of the huge demand of work needed to be done with little staff instead of the right

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