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Communicating with Electronic Medical Records Katrina Mabone HCS/490 May 23, 2013 Kendrick Brown Communication is the key to relating in all environments. When communication lines are broken, it makes take in jobs and personal relationship suffer. In medical environment communication is key in running hospital, nursing home and community care providers. With technology our communication has advanced because now we have electronic medical records. Electronic medical records are a way of providing the medical staff and insurance on the patient health information and insurance coverage. As stated by About.com, “This also provide the doctors away to for individual patients, access to good care becomes easier and safer when…show more content…
Providing EMR, this will provide accuracy for the patients. They may have better check points when the goes into the hospital and they are having surgery the files are provided with plus medical history. The government believe this will be a better method of safety. As stated by AmedsNews.com: “Patients believe physicians' use of electronic medical records can help improve the quality of care they receive. And if a physician offers patient access to the EMR, they feel confident the doctor will protect the privacy of their health information.”(Dolan, 2012) Sometimes medical staff forgets to put away the items in central record and someone may intercept with the patients charts, but on the hand the privacy can be compromised. Malicious people are being to hack into computer systems and stealing patient information. Computer technology may not be the greatest thing for world always. In conclusion the EMR are an effective way of communicating with doctors and insurance company. Patients are will benefit from accuracy and simplicity. Now the patients do not have to go to the pharmacy and wait there for their prescription. This give the patient a better choice and times to pick up prescriptions.
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