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Quality Improvement Report Kathleen Lepley HCS/588 January 14, 2013 Patricia Wolcott Quality Improvement Report Quality Improvement (QI) is an organizational approach leading to the quality of patient care and patient services through use of specific guidelines, principles, and methods to ensure quality of care for every patient and health care facility throughout the world. Quality outcomes focus on the principles of quality management. These measurements investigate the quality of care, patient outcomes and consumer needs, through being part of the participant group. This quality improvement discussion will review the foundational frameworks of QI and explanation of each framework in detail. Included in this QI report will be…show more content…
In addition residents of new medical programs are being trained to be educated of maintaining quality care and implementing systems to reduce errors and improve quality of care ( Shojania & Levinson, 2009). As stated by the authors, faculty must be educated to provide the education essential to the needs to improve quality care and implement QI standards of teaching to ensure the highest standard of care. Finally, the patient must be held accountable to ensure they are as proactive as possible to receive the most efficient care possible, as well as cost effective care. Why Quality Management is Needed in the Health Care Industry Quality management is essential to the success of the quality improvement of the health care industry. “Management uses management and planning tools to organize the decision making process and create a hierarchy when faced with competing priorities “( Ransom, et al., 2008). Quality measures should have these goals: effective, safe, efficient, patient-centered, equitable, and timely care (Quality Measures, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2011). Without quality management, the health care industry would be unregulated and quality of care would be poor, and the financial cost would be ineffective and high. Patients would not receive the care deserved and many health care organizations would not exist.

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