Hcs Week 4 Communications Channels Essay

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Communication Channels Health Care Communication Strategies HCS 320 April 07, 2013 Communication Channels Communication is essential to promoting and marketing the newest addition in technology to an organization. There are many facets to the communication that needs distributing to ensure the largest audience is aware of the new, state-of-the-art MRI, magnetic resonance imaging. The internal staff needs to be educated and knowledgeable about the new equipment so they can help answer questions when making appointments and when talking to patients while they are in the facility. In addition to internal communication there is the external communication to inform the public through media outlets. Internal Group Communication…show more content…
Employees are busy doing their individual jobs, and they may not be able to read their e-mails as soon as receiving it. Sending e-mails to an external e-mail address that can be viewed by an unauthorized person would also violatddress and are patient information through e-mail ss ande HIPAA are viewed by e message at the same time. Employees . Sending patient information or results needs to be done with care and caution. Informational flyers are a fun and colorful way to distribute information to the internal staff and to have for customers to take away with them after their visit at the MRI facility. Flyers can be used for any message that needs to be distributed as long as the information fits on the flyer. Using a small space, such as a flyer, lends itself to using bullets for the main points to be discussed. This opens up communication to ideas from others and questions to get more information. External Communication External communication is essential to delivering the MRI facilities message about the services provided to the community. Knowing the target market will help the MRI facility decide what form of external communication will benefit the most. Media, website, community events, and marketing to specialty physicians are ways to make good use of external communication. External communication is used to spread news about the facility and its uses for the surrounding community violating HIPAA

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