Hdfs 145 Syllabus

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HDFS 145 - The Individual, Marriage, and the Family
Fall Semester, 2012
Instructor: Mrs. Joy Jacobs, CFCS, MAEd (“Mrs. J.”) E-mail address: jacobsj@msu.edu Please always use “HDFS 145" on the subject line when you e-mail. Office hours: Mrs. J. will be in the classroom one half hour before and will stay after class until all students are gone, or you may make an appointment with her. Go to this website: https://ntweb11.ais.msu.edu/aas/ Because of advising responsibilities, she is not available for walk-in appointments and she cannot take phone calls from students. She HATES playing “phone tag”, so please do not try to leave phone messages in her office! Undergraduate Learning Assistants who will be helping with this class: Abbey
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You must make arrangements with another student to look over his/her lecture notes when you miss class. Student Behavior: Your conduct in class must be quiet, attentive, and respectful toward your fellow students and the instructor. Reading the paper, working crossword puzzles, playing games on your laptop, talking to class mates, sleeping, or using a cell phone or PDA during class is rude and unprofessional, and you may be asked to leave if you are engaging in any of these behaviors. (No credit would be given to you for an in-class activity if one is offered during that particular class session.) If you are expecting an important cell phone call, please set your phone to vibrate, and leave the classroom to take care of your call. Academic Honesty: The Department of Human Development and Family Studies adheres to the policies on academic honesty as specified in the All-University Policy on Integrity of Scholarships and Grades at http://www.reg.msu.edu/read/UCC/Updated/integrityofgrades.pdf We expect students to behave ethically, and will not tolerate dishonesty. For example, a student who would photocopy another student’s make-up assignment paper or cheat on an examination would receive no credit for the assignment or exam which will be counted

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