He Conformity 's Judgement Is Based On What Gender They Are

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he Conformity In Grease

The behavior towards people’s judgement is based on what gender they are can be summarized in one movie Grease. Grease made 159 million dollars in the year 1978 alone, but the movie itself shows the double standards on gender with two main a groups of teenage high school students. The testosterone filled group of males known as T- Birds and the Barbie pink female group known as The Pink ladies, make up the popular crew in their school. If you aren’t part of these two groups than you are considered a lack of interest and a waste of existence. The movie also contains viewpoints of conformity taken place in high school that many teenagers experience in real life, by this I mean the movie is a reflection of what is taught in society since birth. There has to be a reason as to why some films can have controversial language, physically inappropriate gestures, sexist comments are exceptional. In a recent research it gave a simple explanations towards why this is. Modern sexism is a multidimensional construct comprising covert attitudes supporting the unequal treatment of men and women(65) Most of what humans are taught in their morals is during childhood. In this chapter 3 called Gender roles, describes that humans are taught to stereotype gender since birth. an educational film about parenthood describes how to handle an infant differently because of the sex. A female infant is picked up automatically once she begins to cry compared to a male infant.…
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