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He Leadeth Me By: Walter Ciszek Chapter 1: Albertyn: On October 17, 1939, The Red Army had entered a small town called Albertyn in Poland. It came clear that Germany and Russia were dividing up Poland. Father Walter was a young American parish priest. Many people began to not show up to church because they were scared that they would get caught. More and more people began to turn away from God. Walter talks about how even at the roughest of times, you should always stay faithful to God. Chapter 2: The Decision to Enter Russia: A friend of Father Walters was a man named Father Makar. He planned to cancel the Albertyn mission and instead go to Russia where they would work in Russian factories around the Ural Mountains. Father Walter…show more content…
He was packed onto prison trains like cattle. From being in prison for 5 years, he was dying to know what important events have happened. He describes how differently he is from the prisoners and how they have nothing in common. He soon came to understand that underneath their violent exterior and moral code that they were men driven by fear. Father Walter would be laboring in a vineyard and actually looked forward to it because he would be able to converse with people and do something. Chapter 9: The Body: At the Siberian slave labor camps it was very harsh. Father Walter would work 15 hours straight shoveling coal onto a conveyer belt. He describes the pain he went through but yet still had to push on. They were also not given enough food for the amount of work that the men did. He explains how the barracks only provided enough shelter to make survival possible. He would say that his muscles felt like they were all strung out by the end of each day and how it was almost impossible to move each morning when they woke up at 5 A.M. Chapter 10: Work: Every laborer is assigned a quota and if they fulfill the quota, then they can eat. If you do not meet the quota then you are given just enough rations to stay alive. Almost everybody was on the level of starvation and everybody had to fight to survive. Father had the lowest difficulty of work but after getting caught preaching to the other prisoners, then he was put in the highest level of difficulty. Chapter 11:
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