Essay on He Marketing Strategy of Apple Iphone 4

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The marketing strategy of Apple Iphone 4


Over the past seven years, Apple has seen great success due to its imaginative and fresh way to do the business. Through continuous innovation, Apple has developed a series of exceptional products with imaginative design and style. Specifically, Apple has made its products popular among the customers through effective marketing strategy. To some extent, innovative marketing, and sleek and enticing communications is the primary reason for the success of Apple. Therefore, it is of great significance for us to analyze the marketing strategy of Apple, so as to learn from the previous experience as well as find out the aspects that need improvement.

The success of Apple over recent
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Too high or too low a price can lead to the failure of a product.
The official prices set by Apple for Iphone 4 are $199 for 16 GB and $299 for 32GB. In the foreign markets, however, the prices of iphone 4 are much higher than the official price set in the home country, as the product is quite popular but the quantity is small. Iphone 4 is positioned as the fastest, highest-resolution iPhone, so the prices can meet with the functions. Besides, Iphone 4 is also a reflection of innovation, creativity, fads, and a symbol of status. Therefore, the price of Iphone is appropriate.

(3) Place

To gain the market share, a product should be able to be bought by the customers conveniently. Up to now, Apple Iphone 4 is widely accepted by people all over the world; therefore, Apple has also made the products available in many countries in the world. Apple chooses to cooperate with the operators in the host country so as to ensure the availability and normal operation of the products. For example, in China, Apple Iphone 4 cooperates with Unicom, one of the three biggest telecom operators to guanrantee the service quality of Iphone 4. Besides, customers can also purchase an Iphone 4 directly on the website.

(4) Promotion

Effective promotion is important for enhancing the awareness of a product. Iphone 4 has used different channels to make the product known by the customers all over the world. First of all, Iphone 4 has quite a good portal for the
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