He Must and Shall Appear Essay examples

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He Must and Shall Appear

The theophany is a central focus in the Old Testament. Theophany is a Greek term, meaning “Appearance of God”. Because God is transcendent and above all things spiritually, He needed to reveal Himself to His creation physically in various ways. God would appear before men of His choosing in order to bless them and have His will be done on Earth.

A major theophany takes place with Abram in the book of Genesis. At this time, he is successful but has no children. The Lord told him, “’Look up at the heavens and count the stars – if indeed, you can count them.’ Then he said to him, ‘So shall your offspring be.’ (Genesis 15:5).” Abram wanted assurance that his descendants would take possession of the land,
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Once the Lord told them they would have a child together named “Isaac”, Sarah laughed in jest. In Genesis 18, we see another theophany. Abraham and Sarah encounter The Three Visitors, who may have possibly been an incarnation of the Trinity. Sarah was reminded that she laughed at God, and so the name “Isaac” fittingly means “he laughs.”

It was through Abraham’s younger son Isaac that God was going to display His will and even a revelation. It has been well documented that Abraham was obedient and righteous, and the time came for Abraham to endure a near-impossible test – the sacrifice of his own begotten son. While it’s safe to say that Abraham was torn from within to do this to his own flesh and blood, the angel of the Lord stopped him at just the right time. Another theophany was accounted for, as God called onto him from Heaven and instructed him to cease the sacrifice of his innocent son. Not only did Abraham pass the test, he named the mountain “The Lord Will Provide”. This would serve a great deal of truth, as this was a parallel illustration of the sacrifice that the Anointed One would make in the future. (He was a walking theophany).

In Exodus, the term “theophany” is almost synonymous with Moses, for he had one of the most famous encounters with God in history. During this time, Egypt was prospering in the New Kingdom after the expulsion of the Hyksos Dynasty. “The
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