He Ugly Side Of Immigration Policies. A Migrant Woman Gets

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he Ugly Side of Immigration Policies A migrant woman gets tackled and handcuffed by an officer as she tries to make a run for it after making it past border security. An immigrant family meets each other on separate sides of a 21ft chicken wire fence to eat dinner together as they talk through the fence that separates Mexico and the United States. Immigrants line up for hours waiting to see if they will be granted access to come into the United States. Being that I lived on the other side of the United States border, these are all events that I experienced at a young age. However, unlike the immigrants in my experiences, my family and I are some of the lucky ones, making up five of the 84.3 million immigrants who reside in the United…show more content…
Immigration policies should be reformed to protect the human rights of every immigrant since current policies separate family members from each other, make migrants vulnerable to exploitation, and adversely affect immigrants by causing deaths along the border. Immigration policies need to be reformed to promote family unity since policies in place today make the separation of family members inevitable. The right to family is a fundamental human right stated in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and should be protected considering that the family is an integral part of society and is “necessary by nature for the development of the person.” (“The Family and Human Rights”). However, current immigration policies, do the opposite and have resulted in the separation of more than one million family members, whether it be deportees who are forced to leave loved ones behind or separation during apprehension and holding due to laws that require family members to be separated on account of age and gender if family relations are not known (Nunez 2017)(Women’s Refugee Commission). Being that several studies have also found that separation from family has negative implications on a child’s health and wellbeing, such as attachment issues, depression, and improper development, policies and procedures should allow for undocumented families

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