He Was Offended - Original Writing

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He was offended. “I would never lie to you and you know that. I’m just as shocked.”
“Have you read your father’s letters? The book safe Zeldyn gave you, have you gone through it? Maybe it will mention anything like that.”
He shook his head and recalled the other events. “Her face gave away that it was true, before she denied it. She knew about our family and lied to me about it. I 'm trying so hard to see the way she thinks. I can comprehend wanting to give your child the best life, but my dad kept Zeldyn, and they both turned out fine. They changed their financial situation. They’re more than fine, that can 't just be luck. She didn 't trust Troy’s judgment. Let’s head to my room, I don 't want to stay here.”
Leaving to his room, I glanced at the kitchen and found a thick cutting knife with blood on its edge. Droplets were on the counter. I swiped a hand over it and Vesper’s blood was now on my fingertip. I shuddered and washed it off, before heading into his room.
I had seen the space plenty of times, the simple blue paint on the wall, a rack of trophies, a TV, and an Xbox. Somehow it had seemed different, but maybe that was because we were. And also the fact that his clothes and books were all stuffed into bags, his TV and Xbox were unplugged and sitting in a box, and the two painted city canvases I gave him for gifts were propped against the door. Every other small item that accented his room was now in one box or another. It looked like he just moved in, aside from the…

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