He Was Subsequently Denied From All Academic Positions

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He was subsequently denied from all academic positions due to the recommendation and was quoted saying “I would have found a job long ago if Weber had not played a dishonest game with me”. This was also the point in his life where his relationship with a girl named Maric deepened and despite his parents protest of her Serbian background he defied them and stayed with her. Without a job and the financial means he couldn’t marry her and support a family, his father 's business had also gone bankrupt so he couldn’t get outside support. Einstein took tutoring jobs but was even fired from those. Later in the year of 1902 things changed for Einstein, a lifelong friend’s father recommended him to a position as clerk for the Swiss Patent Office.…show more content…
The only thing Einstein credits his discovery of the theory to was conversations he had with a friend named Besso. The physics community wasn’t welcoming to Einstein 's new theory and for a while his papers were ignored to never be picked up again until they received the attention of one physicist. This physicist was Max Planck who was the founder of the quantum theory, proved Einstein 's theories to be correct and he was invited to lecture at international meetings. Through these meetings Einstein’s fame began to spread and he was being offered positions from prestigious institutions. He took one at the University of Berlin where he served as director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics from the year 1913 until 1933. Throughout all of this his marriage fell apart due to an affair Einstein had and him and Maric finally divorced in 1919 where he agreed to give her the money he might earn if he ever won the nobel prize. One thing that haunted Einstein was the fact that his own theory was flawed. He mad no mention of gravity, for the next ten years he would be consumed by creating a theory of gravity in relativity to the curvature of spacetime. In 1915 he finally developed the general theory of relativity which in Einstein’s eyes was his
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