Head Coach Observation

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This is observation of College level- men’s basketball practice. Observation was taking place at the Lincoln Land Community College, at the Cass Gym.
The head coach is a leader. He gives clear and simple instructions and he is a good demonstrator, who also knows to choose right people-players(volunteers) for demonstrating some drills. The head coach is great animator, which means that he is sometimes on the same level like players (including the way he talks with them, curses, sarcasm). Although he has this kind of interaction with the players he still keeps professional distance between him and them. He has authority and keeps attention of the athletes. He is always in the centre of the court; he is loud and he uses his whistle.
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Players start practice with warming up, which is retreat dibbles for 5 minutes and then switch to one on one blackout drill for 5 minutes. After those drills every next is more complicated, but it flows smoothly. After every drill, losing team has a punishment- suicides. Every drill is very competitive and energy is on a high level all the time. There is no pause between drills. The head coach constantly points out the errors, but that does not slow down the game. The head coach wants hard play and he is keep saying “Hit somebody, nobody is crying yet”. He constantly insists on sports…show more content…
I conclude that the head coach’s punishment system is based on strength exercises.
I like organization of the practice and the way it flows. I like that coach constantly points out the mistakes, and pushing them to correct those mistakes. I like the relationship between coaches and players,especially the head coach. I think that coach should praise some athletes (not only to show them where are they making a mistake), in order for them to do something better. I get feeling like they need to have more fun.
In my opinion I do not agree with head coach’s system of punishment. Firstly, suicide is specific running exercise in basketball and coach should use this type of exercise to develop some specific skill of the athletes (agility, reaction time, endurance or stamina and etc.), but if coach uses suicide like a punishment he will most likely motivate athletes in wrong way and in that case training is going to loose quality. Punishment exercises are not the ones that athletes like, so coach should be careful with choosing them. Instead of suicides and strength exercises coach can use team buildings games. Those games can be punishment and at the same time they can be fun and they can help with strengthening connection between the players. For example, the losers can carry winners on the back (after drills that should not be
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