Head Lice Compliance Report

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products to ensure they’re being utilized properly which is one argument of manufactur-ers contradicting claims that their products are ineffective. This would also need to in-clude pamphlets and other documentation with approved techniques and dosages. I would then follow up with the parents to determine who followed the guidelines and who did not. The intention would be to figure out if the treatments same treatment methods are more effective followed properly or if as it is it stated, have just become ineffective due to over-use. The biggest uncertainty is that there will be any changes to the primary issue which is treatment of head lice. Unlike another health concern that are not diseases, such as bed bugs, head lice has never been eradicated. Of course, one cannot use DDT as with bed bugs a number of decades ago. Additional uncertainties include, spreading of the lice, an accurate count of the number of cases reported, if certain populations within a geographical area are affected more than others. According to Yoon, “In 104 of 109 lice populations already analyzed, they found high levels of gene mutations that make lice indifferent to drugstore treatment”, (Blakemore, 2015, p.1). The best way to address these uncertainties is…show more content…
Reviewing any past studies for information as well as applying any research obtained through our own assessment should be able to provide the data needed for further steps. Careful analysis of the risks and review of the options in con-ducting management decision, help to focus attention on the proper parties involved. Deciding if one or multiple options are best qualified to deal with the health risk being studied is critical. Being able to avoid spending unnecessary time and finances prior to the implementation stage is also extremely
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