Headed Down County Line Road

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Headed down County Line Road in pure darkness. We cannot see one hundred feet in front of us, and the roads are completely abandoned. Snow is falling from the sky at a steady pace, and the temperature is rapidly dropping. My life rests in my brother’s hands as he attempts to drive us to safety on this frigid winter night. He assures me everything will be fine, and I shall not worry. All I can do is sit back and pray. My brother and I have been through everything together. Like any other sibling relationship, we have our arguments, but we also have an abundant amount of delightful memories. He often reminds me I am the reason he lost his bouncy ball in the hospital the day I was born, but he says no bouncy ball is worth having a sister like me. From day one, Chase and I have had a special bond that cannot be described. We are inseparable, always looking out for one another. My mom says she got lucky having two loving children who know the true meaning of family. Earlier in the evening of the horrible winter storm, my mom suggested we go out for family dinner. My mom, my dad, and I headed towards Olive Garden on East Washington Street. The three of us arrived and began to look over the menu. Twenty minutes passed by, and Chase finally arrived. He agreed to meet us there because his indoor ultimate Frisbee practice ran late. My family and I were starving, so we ordered immediately. An hour later, we were struggling to finish our meals. We asked the waitress for a couple…
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