Headhunters Hairstyling Website Analysis

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What do all companies and businesses need? They need a website something for people to see and use at any time of day, a website should be able to be used on PC and mobile devices without hindering the way the website functions. Websites could have all sorts of functions to them but all of them serve the same purpose to connect people to a company or to other people. Headhunters Hairstyling is a business that has an awesome website that is easily accessible, visually appealing, informational, and is amazingly universal in terms of Purpose. Headhunters hairstyling is a great website to compare other websites to as it has little to no problems on the website itself, the website itself is a great example of great web design. The first point …show more content…

By informational I am looking for what they place offers, this includes services, contact information and location information. This website offers all of that plus more, it includes the names of the workers and also when they got started in the business. This website offers more than enough information about the place on its own but it even goes as far as to give detailed information about how the business got started in the first place. For instance, Headhunter Hairstyling has a page specifically for the contact information where it has a google maps page where it shows exactly where the business is, this is a great thing to have as it gives more information than a simple address. For example, just clicking on the maps extension brings up the location of where it is and you can just type in your location to find how to get there. Also the website goes and give you an average of the services given as each stylist has their own rates when they do work, at the bottom of the services page it says in print this so people can see which is great to put on a website. Equally important is the contact information which is given on the same page that maps location is which gives the number to contact the business, number and email. To sum up this website has a great amount of information to contact the business if …show more content…

The answer is to get more in touch with their customers. Headhunter Hairstyling gives its purpose through the use of the information and blog that is has on the website, it also shows a great example of what the website is used for. The purpose is defined as what functionality this website serves, if it is necessary or not. Also what features it has, this will be another classification of what I’ll be looking for on this website. This website possesses a blog that give up to date information on what they will be doing, along with that it does give information on events they will be doing. Another purpose of this website is the way that it keeps customers in touch with they do and they also take messages through the website in which they use the emailing system implemented in the site. This sites other purpose is to give information about the business the purpose of all websites out there, this website has a valid purpose since businesses need websites to stay relevant nowadays. Websites are need to keep people interested in the business, good websites attract customers and since that is something that attract traffic to the

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