Heading : Fundamental Analysis And Analysis Essay

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Heading: Fundamental Analysis
URL: http://www.avatrade.com/resources/fundamental-analysis

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• Add a “Softer” introduction; include statement that addresses AvaTrade, along with referring to the nature of the following “Guide”.
• Add {Fundamental Analysis Defined}, use “When doing fundamental analysis, a trader studies the overall state of the economy…” paragraph as a lead-in.
• Change “Why do Fundamental Analysis” to “Why conduct Fundamental Analysis”
• “Some of the world’s top traders, who regularly appear on top rich lists employ fundamental analysis…”, make specific name references if possible, addressing known success stories.
• Add {Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis}
• Change “How to Start Fundamental Analysis” to “How to perform Fundamental Analysis”
• Insert Economic Calendar (or version of) from http://www.avatrade.com/resources/economic-calendar if possible.
• Add {Common Economic Indicators}
• Add {The Importance of Fundamental Analysis}; use “An example to [that displays] the importance of fundamental analysis…” as a lead-in.
• Add {Fundamental Analysis Tips}, use “To begin employing fundamental analysis…” paragraph as a lead-in.
• Close with {How AvaTrade Can Help}

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Fundamental Analysis

Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

There are two main approaches to analyse the market during trading sessions, and both are popular among traders. One is called Technical Analysis, and predicts changes in the market based

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