Headless Horseman Alternate Ending

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It was cold, with a brisk wind, as I was starting to walk into a creepy town by the name of ‘Sleepy Hollow’. The trees were very long and slim. All of the leaves were on the ground. As I walked it sounded like a crackling fire that never ended. As I’m still walking into this strange town, I start to notice that everyone had traumatized looks on their faces. This woman ran by me screaming “ My husband! The Headless Horseman took my husband!” I did not know who this ‘Headless Horseman’ was, but I wanted to know. This town looked mysterious anyways, I knew something was off ever since I walked into this wicked town. I had walked into a bar, the atmosphere was warm and live, but everyone seemed worried. Everyone looked at me, “Who are you?”
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