Healers of Our Every Illness Essay

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Healers of Our Every Illness


Healthcare in the United States continues to be an expanding field. As we continue to increase our knowledge, we are the envy of developed nations for our advanced methods of medical technology. Physicians and healthcare providers are able to cure many of the diseases and illnesses that patients bring before them. As a result of the success of our biotechnology, insurance companies and healthcare groups are profiting considerably. Furthermore, as the government and organizations thrive on the success of technology, they are enabling patients to seek unnecessary care (Califano 1986). Even with our outstanding medical care, millions of people still suffer every year from illnesses that could
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These commercials appeal to both the scare tactic and to the realization that there is more to life than unhealthy lifestyles. Such a mechanism for informing people about diseases is an effort to stop the problem before it starts.

Educating people on maintaining health

Much like disease awareness, people need to be informed about how to care for their bodies. The idea of staying healthy has evoked Americans to be conscious of what they consume and to desire exercise more regularly. Because they have such an impact on their patients, "[p]hysicians could help a large number of patients quit smoking by taking time to advise them about quitting" (Cummings 1998). These same physicians could prescribe healthy activities for their patients in order to help the patient know what is good for the body to keep it in the best shape possible. Advertisements and commercials that make unhealthy lifestyles attractive could be one reason why people are abusing their bodies. People lacking education on changing their habits could be another.

Providing the indigent with healthcare
Insuring the multitudes

People who are not able to afford medical care do not visit doctors and, therefore, are not told why they should not abuse their bodies. This is assuming that physicians and healthcare organizations are responsible for these people
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