Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

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What makes a hospital a place of healing? Is it the staff who works there? Is it the building or the interior, or perhaps the landscape? This paper will discuss the components of a healing hospital and its relationship to spirituality. It will discuss the possible challenges and barriers of creating a healing environment. A hospital must have all staff work together to promote a healing environment for its patients as well as the families and visitors who come thru its doors. These staff members include not only the doctors and nurses who care for the patients, but also the CEO and office staff all the way down to the groundskeeper. It is important that all of the employees of the facility work together to promote and live the hospital’s…show more content…
By alleviating stressful feelings and promoting healing ones, spirituality can positively influence immune, cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels), hormonal, and nervous systems (Spirituality ND). Challenges and barriers of creating a healing environment Many challenges and barriers can exist when a hospital tries to create a healing environment. Building hospitals with these amenities may cost more up front, but in the long run the costs can be recouped in a couple of years from the savings. These savings will be seen with lower drug costs (pain and anxiety medication) due to the relaxing environment, fewer patient falls because of family members who stay with the patients, and reduced staff turnovers related to the relaxing environment. Research from the Center for Health Design has shown that the more attractive the environment, the higher the perceived quality of care and the lower the anxiety of patients, which will increase patient and staff satisfaction (Geimer-Flanders 2009). Another challenge will be the noise which will come from building this new environment via a new addition or reconstruction. Though it will only be temporary, it will still impact those patients and staff members during the time of construction. Biblical Support for a healing hospital Research suggests that by having faith, a person’s resistance to stress increases. Thru this resistance, a person has the ability to help influence his or
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